The Foundation's Mission

Skin cancer remains one of the unheralded cancer killers of the 21st century.

We believe that this is a two-pronged effort. On one hand, it will be necessary to effect a change in the health care paradigm for the prevention and early diagnosis of the various forms of skin cancer/melanoma. In addition, we must find new research approaches to overcome this disease.

We need your support to pass legislation and to increase funding for research and development.

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Fundamental changes at both the practitioner and consumer level are needed. Health care professionals must be trained to assure that adequate and skilled attention is paid to this growing epidemic. It will concurrently require that school-age children and those most at risk (e.g. outdoor workers) be fully informed of the health risk and associated factors of the disease. Further, the research community, both public and private, will need additional support in order to explore new research approaches.

Current efforts in this direction have had limited effectiveness, as the public remains misinformed and apathetic, and no new treatments for melanoma have been approved in the last thirty years. Charlie Guild, though college educated and well read, had no inkling of the severity of the disease that took her life at the age of 26.

It is the goal of this foundation to provide direction and focus, on an international level, to preventing, informing, and ultimately finding a cure for melanoma, in order to give the Charlies of the world a chance to "beat" this disease.

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